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Sunshine Tyre Shop specialises in offering a great variety of vehicle parts from batteries, lubricants, filters to brakes. We also provide oil that is the life blood of your vehicle’s engine. We also provide a different vehicle part that helps you to drive your vehicle easily and efficiently. Sunshine Tyre Shop has been the best destination for all of your vehicle’s parts needs. We provide all vehicle parts at the most reasonable rates. CAR PART SUPPLY SUNSHINE

Our Vehicle Parts are of Absolute Quality

Our vehicle parts are of absolute quality and help your vehicle to achieve its maximum performance. Our guaranteed vehicle parts will minimise the overall wear and tear of your vehicle and help you to maintain its optimum efficiency.


Moreover, we also provide Disc and drum brakes that are fitted to the front wheels. In fact, we also provide their main components, such as: brake pads, calliper, which contains a piston disc, etc.

The Steering System

We provide steering system for vehicle; basically it is a mechanism that enables the driver to guide the vehicle in a chosen direction. In addition to that, we are specialised in offering suspension (components such as springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to the road surface. We have a wide variety of suspension systems that contribute to the car’s road handling.

We at Sunshine Tyre Shop provide essential safety components also so that drivers can keep their vehicles away from road noise, bumps, as well as vibrations. Irrespective of the vehicle type or model, we provide different types of parts. We take good care of parts as well as services for the complete peace of mind of our customers.

Don’t forget to check out our special offers on different vehicle parts. We are your complete automotive repair experts.

Whatever your need is, just contact us or call us – 03 8528 3302

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