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Whether you have arrived at Sunshine Tyre Shop by chance or by a search in the search engine, you are welcome to the core of this Melbourne-based leading online tyre store offering sumptuous and branded tyres without costing a fortune! Our Guarantee

It is our guarantee that on our tyre store, you have the maximum odds to find the type of type for your vehicle and your personal needs at a superb deal. Also, we guarantee you won’t find such amazing and quality tyres available at the lowest cost elsewhere in Australia!  Our Advantage


Make the most of the deal we offer to you to get your hands on the world’s premier and most sought-after tyre brands at completely fair and affordable deals. Our tyre brands  Luckily, we have got all famous and favourite tyre brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, Dueler, Supercat and more. For those with a budget in their mind, we even have cheap quality tyres to fit their personal preferences and needs within their means. In general, whatever your preferences and needs about tyres are, we at Sunshine Tyre Shop carry the tyres you need at a price that is a no-brainer!  Our experience

With 15 years of experience in the tyre industry, we have a qualified staff of technicians who walk the extra mile to match our quality tyres with your needs. Get complete peace of mind

You can reckon with the fact readily that our tyres are guaranteed authentic product and carry a complete manufacturer warranty.  So no matter which location you live in Australia, our sumptuous delivery system is guaranteed to deliver the tyres to you without any hassle and giving the complete peace of mind. Get the wide-ranging types and sizes

Irrespective of the tyre type and size you are looking to install in your vehicles, we have a wide range of tyres in different sizes and types to fit your needs. At Sunshine Tyre Shop, we understand your needs very well and do our utmost to satiate them.  Feel free to take a look around the site or feel free to call us on 1300 651 273 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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At Sunshine Tyre Shop, regardless of the location you are in Australia, we distribute and deliver our cheap tyres to the specific location. The highlight of our tyres is that they boast high-grade quality with an unbeatable durability rate, also beating any price anywhere in Australia.


Customised tyres


For customers with specific preferences in tyres, we also have customized tyres to achieve your car’s needs. Contacting us, you can get cheap tyres in Melbourne at the most affordable price rates in Melbourne,


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At Sunshine Tyre Shop, we are committed to ensuring that every customer must retrieve the best value of his or her money on the tyres they have purchased. We take pride in offering dedicated customer service, putting the customer at the top of priority to ensure they leave contented.

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Drop into our tyre store and see us today at or contact us on 03 8528 3302 or on our email [email protected]. We will effectively deal with the enquiries you have about your vehicle.

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