A Definite Guide to Fix a Punctured Car Tyre

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February 4, 2021
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March 27, 2021

A Definite Guide to Fix a Punctured Car Tyre

A definite guide to fix a punctured car tyre comes in handy. A flat tyre is one of the common problems that every car owner face while driving the car. A small piece of glass, any sharp object or even a little nail could damage the car’s tyre. A punctured tyre could create a problem for you as it is hard to drive it and it can even cause an accident.

In case you travel frequently, consider buying a second hand-tyre as a backup. Therefore, you can change it if you are stuck in a remote area. If you have a kit with the required items to fix a punctured car tyre, here are the key steps that you can follow

A definite guide to fix a punctured car tyre
  • Find the Leak

It is not easy to find the object that punctured the tyre. Check the tyre closely to see if there is any cut or hole. In case inspection doesn’t help, inflate your tyre to an adequate pressure level and check for a hissing sound. Once you find the leak area, mark that with tape.

  • Loosen Lug Nuts and Jack up Your Car

To remove the tyre, loosen the nuts using a lug wrench and then jack up your car. To stabilise the car, use the jack stands. Position car jack at the specified points and lift the car.

  • Take Off the Nuts

Remove the nuts and take the wheel from its base. Now, insert the rasp tool in and out of the hole/ puncture for few times to clean the leaking area.

  • Insert Plug

Before inserting a plug, lubricate that with rubber cement or glue, so that it seals better and insert easily. Keep the plug intact for two minutes as it would help the adhesive to set and dry properly. After that cut the plug’s part that is sticking out from the surface of the tyre.

A definite guide to fix a punctured car tyre after inserting a plug, fill the tyre with appropriate air pressure. Re-install the tyre, remove the jack, attach and tighten the nuts and you are ready to drive. In case you feel the tyre is old you can buy a cheap tyre for your car. If you wish to buy cheap tyre in Melbourne, Sunshine Tyre Shop is the best place. We provide quality tyres at the lowest cost.

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