A Revolutionary Name in The Auto Parts Industry

Bridgestone Tyres happens to be a renowned and leading name in the auto accessories business. People who have been riding cars and other vehicles tend to prefer tyres from this brand for cars. Not only the quality but the company provides excellent varieties of products at affordable costs in the market. Before we dive into their exclusive products in the market, let us take a quick look at the history of this company.

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About Bridgestone Tyres

A Japanese multinational company, Bridgestone Corporation, is a renowned name in the world of automobile parts. This Japanese establishment dates back to 1931. The person who founded this company in the town of Kurume in Japan was Shojiro Ishibashi.

The company got its name from a calque translation. It is the transposition of the word “Ishibashi” which means “stone bridge” in the language Japanese. The company happens to be the largest producer of tyres in the global market to date. Also, according to the statistical reports of July 2018, the company has approximately 181 manufacturing facilities in 24 countries.

Mission of the Company

The leader of this multinational company organised this establishment with a single mission to serve society with excellent quality of tyres. According to the words of the founder: “Serving Society with Superior Quality.”

To fulfil the mission of the company, the professionals first understand the requirements of their customers. They take special considerations of the needs of the clients all across the global market. That is why this company has emerged to be the leader in the auto parts business.

The professionals of the company do not only focus on manufacturing high-end accessories for the automobiles. Instead, they also deliver quality services and assistance to customers all across the world. Hence, the company manufactures world-class quality products and offers such services to all possible communities around.

Popular Products of The Company

Some of the renowned products of the company are:

  • B290

This design is quite popular among users in the world. Also, this one isn’t entirely new to the industry. The company designed this one to reduce the tread patterned noises significantly. This one provides the maximum grip for enhanced driving on the wettest roads.

  • B250

Ideal for the wet surfaces, this one offers excellent performance with high stability. Also, an affordable variety which promises excellent durability on the rough roads.

  • RE003

Remarkable performance and power traction help the vehicle to run smoothly on dry roads.  The tyres come with enhanced handling stability which increases the performance of the products significantly. Also, the product has high wet braking facilities with diminished irregular wear.

  • EL64

Another brilliant product from the company, this one has enhanced safety facilities to ride, causing low road noises without compromising the comfort. Also, the product comes with extended wear life and works smoothly in the wet and hazardous conditions.

Few other notable products of the company include A/T 697, EP 100, ER 300, RE050A, RE 92, etc.

What Makes This Company the Leader in The Industry?

If you still wonder why this company is the leader in the auto parts business, kindly refer to the following reasons:

  • Mission

One of the reasons behind the immense success of the Bridgestone Tyres Company lies in the purpose of the same. As already stated above, the company aims to provide world-class services and auto products in the market. To carry out their mission successfully, they study the unique requirements of their clients in detail. This is one of the prominent reasons behind the success of this company in the market.

  • Innovation

The company has specific standards in selecting their professionals in the market. Such standards help them to get the ace engineers in their team from prominent countries across the globe. The engineers always push their limits to convert their innovative ideas into reality. They like to experiment with their plans to increase the performance, quality and the safety of their products.

  • Quality

Another reason behind the popularity of the products of this country lies in their quality. The founder of this company established the same with the single motto to provide superior quality services in the market. Not only one gets such services and products but also gets a warranty against any defective parts as well. To know more, make sure to go through their warranty policy thoroughly.

  • Customer Support

Services do not end with the sale of the products. The professionals of this company understand the importance of customer support services. So, this company has a specialised team of professionals to answer all queries of their esteemed clients. So, if you have a question about their services or products, ring them up.

Apart from these reasons, what sets Bridgestone Tyres apart from other companies is their strict code of conduct. They maintain strict guidelines to offer practical guidance for handling different ethical issues. Their strict rules not only apply to their employees but also to their contractors and suppliers in the market. By maintaining such standards, the company continues to earn the trust of millions of customers across the globe.